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About myself

Divided between two cultures, it has been two decades ago since I came from India back to Yemen. Yemen has always inspired me  since 1985 especially the old city of Sanaa where I have been painting views and veiled women. The rich history and culture of Yemen allowed me to work with Queens and women of this beautiful country.

Since I studied arts in the “Government College of Art and Craft” in Calcutta,  India still remains my first love as I have been among the contemporary Indian artists who inspired me, to name a few Ganesh Pyne, Ganesh Haloi, Sunil Das, M.F. Husain and many others. My works are influenced by the “Kolkutta Modern Art Group”.

There is still so much to do and I am always feeling that I am still at the beginning. I have worked with several mediums like oil-acrylic, mixed media and water colour. I work as an eclectic artist and  I don´t like to stick on one medium for a longer time. Since Yemen has only a hand full of artists and not much has been done here yet in Contemporary Art, I am still working with different mediums and techniques to create varieties of artworks.

These are my recent works on canvas, mostly untitled, but women remain the major subject in my abstract compositions, sometimes combined with fragments from the old city of Sanaa.

Mazher Nizar



1958    From a Yemeni family, born in India
1985    Diploma in Graphic Art from Government College of Arts & Craft, Calcutta (India)

1986    Solo-Exhibition, Sana´a (Yemen)
1988    Solo-Exhibition in Sana´a (Yemen)
1989    Solo-Exhibition in the Koninklik Tropen-Institute, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
1990    Solo-Exhibition in Heidelberg (Germany)
1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 Solo-Exhibition in the Gallery No.1, Sana´a (Yemen)
1995    Solo-Exhibition at the French Cultural Centre, Sana´a (Yemen)
1997    Solo-Exhibition titled “Reflections & Images”
1998    Solo-Exhibition at the Princeton Hotel, Dubai (UAE)
1998    Solo-Exhibition in Aichach (Germany)
2003    Solo-Exhibition at the German Foreign Ministry, Berlin (Germany)
2003    Solo-Exhibition in Oman
2006    Solo-Exhibition in Bahrain 
2006    Solo-Exhibition in India

International Exhibitions:
1987    Graphic Exhibition in Cantia (Italy)
1992    Tenth Norske International Graphic Triennial, Frederikstad (Norway)
1995    First Arab Art Biennale (Syria)
1995, 1999, 2001, 2003 Asian Art Biennale, Dhaka (Bangladesh)
1997    Art & Dialogue (Marocco)
1998    Ninth Triennial (India)
1998    Trace, Paris (France)
1999, 2003, 2006 Triennale Graphic Miniatures, Paris (France)
2003    Solo-Exhibition in Oman
2003    Solo-Exhibition at the German Foreign Ministry, Berlin (Germany)
2006    Miniature Art-Works Exhibition in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)
2006    Solo-Exhibition in Bahrain
2006    Solo-Exhibition in New Delhi (India)
2006    Miniature Art-Works Exhibition in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)
2009    Two Solo-Exhibitions in Calgary & Ottawa (Canada)
2010    Biennale in Kuwait
2011    Show of Yemen Watercolor at the Italian Embassy in Sana´a (Yemen)
2011    Show in Sharjah (UAE) 

1990    Sana´a University Art Exhibition, Sana´a (Yemen)
1995    Contemporary Art Exhibition at the US-Embassy, Sana´a (Yemen)
1996    Art Exhibition at the Yemen Cultural Centre, Sana´a (Yemen)
1996    Halaqa-Festival Art Exhibition, Sana´a (Yemen)
1996, 1997 Three Man Show at the French Cultural Centre, Sana´a (Yemen)
1998    Four Man Show, Sana´a (Yemen)
2005    Exhibition of the Atelier-Group in Vienna (Austria)
2005    Exhibition of Atelier-Group in Abha (Saudi-Arabia)
2005    Atelier-Group-Exhibition together with Austrian artists, Sana´a (Yemen)
2007    Group show with Indian artist Fox Mondal in New Delhi (India)
2008    First Arab Art Exhibition Sana´a (Yemen)
2008    Atelier Group Show in Sana´a (Yemen)
2008-2010 International Art Forum Sana´a (Yemen)

1985    Kavi Pranam Artist Camp, Calcutta (India)
2001    Workshop with the Australian artist George Gietos at the French Cultural Centre, Sana´a (Yemen)
2002    Workshop in Dhaka (Bangladesh)
2003    Workshop with French and German artists in cooperation with the Atelier-Group, Sana´a (Yemen)
2004    Italian-Yemeni Workshop, Atelier Sana´a (Yemen)
2004    Mural-Workshop for the Ministry of Population, Sana´a (Yemen)
2005    Workshop with Austrian artists at the Atelier, Sana´a (Yemen)
2006    Workshop with a group of artists in Santiniketan (West Bengal), India


National and International Memberships:
- Founding Member of the “Modern Art Group”, Sana´a (Yemen)
- Founding Member of the “Yemeni International Cultural Circle” (Halaqa), Sana´a (Yemen)
- Founding Member of Atelier-Group, Sana´a (Yemen)
- Member of the International Association of Art – UNESCO


Several Certificates of Merit and Prizes

First Award in Arab Horses Paintings-Competition (2006), Sana´a (Yemen)


Mazher Nizar | mazhernizar@hotmail.com